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Spammers prowling the iTunes App Store

There's one thing Apple doesn't tell you when you sign up for an App Store account: Every two bit huckster, scammer, sociopath, SEO-scammer and social media consultant, and vaguely tech informed common criminal (but I repeat myself) will clog your inbox with spurious offers and promises to make you leap up the charts.

The first thing these offers all have in common is that they are keen to point out that they obtained your email address from the app store: "you're not on a list".  Well, yes, yes I am on a list.  I'm on a list of support addresses for application developers on the App Store.  You're just grabbing that list from iTunes and spamming it.  What's that you say? "This is business opportunity, not spam!"  No, it is Unsolicited Commercial Email.  SPAM. SPAMmity, SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM!  SPAM with sausage and chips and egg and SPAM. 

(Spam is a trademark of Hormel Foods Corporation, but SPAM is unwanted and unsolicited commercial email.  No Spiced Pig Shoulders were harmed in the making of this rant.)

The second thing these offers all have in common is that they fail the basic smell test: why should they help you to untold riches for some simple management fee or retainer?  Why not help themselves?  Why not make an app for themselves and keep the piles of Spanish Doubloons?

Because there is no untold stock of riches there.  What they want is what every other scammer preying on insecurity ever wants: to take a fee and tell you that you are a special snowflake and your app/book/work of art will make you millions, but first there's this palm you have to grease and this express fee you have to pay...

So when I get shite like this:
"While browsing your website, we have noticed the impressive set of clientele and the profile of work you carry. We realized that we both are extending services to the same set of brands with our own expertise. So, iTunes Spammer would be interested in entering into a partnership with your reputed company and help the brands to grow bigger using the integrated approach of Mobility."

I know I'm dealing with a base level spammer who deserves nothing but contempt.

Oh, and you know that thing about how email is supposed to be confidential?  That's a guideline, it's not a rule.  If anyone sends spam, abuse or just plain weird and mockable email to a public address on this site, I reserve the rite to publish it at my sole discretion and by sending any email to the email addresses at this site you are agreeing to this. 
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